Samsung's call for a ban on sales of Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, will be heard in the Australian Federal Court in Sydney in March next year, it has been revealed.

According to Reuters, Justice Annabelle Bennett said: "The case will be fixed for a hearing for three weeks, commencing in March, 2012", while also revealing the exact date will be fixed on Friday this week (November 18).

"I stand over the application for an interlocutory injunction, that will stand over to the same date, as that of the date of the hearing," she added.

Bennett said the handset, which went on sale last month, will remain on sale until a decision in the case has been made.

Samsung filed preliminary injunction against sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in Australia, France, Italy and Japan just days after it went on sale in a number of countries across the world, claiming the device infringes patents held by the Korean tech giant in its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablet PCs that run the Android operating system.

In Australia the three patent infringements relate to the wireless technology used in the device, while in Japan Apple claims the handset infringes its patents on user interfaces.

Apple has continued to violate our patent rights and free ride on our technology," Samsung said at the time.

"We will no longer stand idly by and will steadfastly protect our intellectual property."

Initially, Apple had requested the case be heard in August next year, however Justice Bennett said that length of time would make it harder for Samsung to “expand the Android market”.

The pair are currently in the middle of a patent infringement war that has seen around 20 law suits filed between the pair that cover infringement in Apple's iPad tablet PC and iPhone range of handsets and Samsung' Galaxy Tab tablet PCs and Galaxy smartphones.