Samsung Electronics is launching a new mobile-phone chip that combines a 667MHz processor core with hardware acceleration for multimedia, including 3D graphics and video.

The S3C6410 mobile processor is made using a 65-nanometre (nm) process and is designed for use in smartphones and navigation devices. To be shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, samples of the new chip will be available to device makers in May with volume shipments planned to begin during the third quarter.

The S3C6410 combines a 667MHz Arm processor core with a hardware video accelerator that supports multiple video formats, including Mpeg4 and H.264. The chip, which supports a variety of smartphone operating systems, including Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux, can capture and replay video using less power than would otherwise be possible, thereby extending battery life, Samsung said.

The chip has also been designed to work with a variety of memory types, including DRAM and flash memory, which should give device makers more flexibility when designing future products, the chip maker said.

Pricing for the S3C6410 was not disclosed.

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