Samsung Galaxy S4 black mist front

Samsung has now officially launched the Galaxy S4, it's new flagship smartphone. This page is for you to take a look at the official Galaxy S4 images. See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 gets Full HD screen and Exynos 8-core processor: specs, details, release date.

As the leaked photos showed, the Galaxy S4 looks very similar in design to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. With a 5in screen, matching the size of the Sony Xperia Z, it's a big bigger of course – it's 69.8 x 136.6 x 7.9mm and 130g. But the traditional look remains with rounded corners, a physical home button and a removable rear cover. See Samsung Galaxy S4 specs: confirmed.

Moving on from the Galaxy S3's marble white and pebble blue colours, the Galaxy S4 comes in 'black mist' and 'white frost'. We were a bit concerned when the leaked images showed a black front and white back. Samsung said more colours will be available later this year.

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Samsung said: "The real beauty of the phone is its highly crafted design, encompassing a large screen size and battery, and a minimised bezel. Slimmer than its predecessors, there’s less to hold yet more to see."

Well enough talk, here's all of the official Samsung Galaxy S4 images.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 white frost front

Samsung Galaxy S4 white frost rear

Samsung Galaxy S4 white frost side

Samsung Galaxy S4 black mist rear

Samsung Galaxy S4 black mist side

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