Samsung has confirmed that the pebble blue model of the Galaxy S3 smartphone is delayed.

The flagship device is due to go on sale tomorrow with some customers able to pick up their pre-orders today but a spanner has been put in the works. Samsung has blamed the flagship Android smartphone's 'hyperglaze' coating for the problems. See also: Samsung Galaxy S3 UK price and release round-up.

Samsung said: "Samsung's Galaxy S III Pebble Blue version comes with a newly invented blue colour and special hyperglaze material."

"In order to meet the highest internal quality standards and to provide the best quality Galaxy S III to customers, a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks."

"Samsung is working hard to ensure that customers will get the Pebble Blue coloured devices as soon as possible."

It's unclear which 'regions' will be affected and how many units have been shipped out to retails for the launch. We assume at least some customers will have their pre-orders fulfilled, but the question is how many - the Samsung Galaxy S3 has 9 million pre-orders.

Online retailer Clove has announced delays to both models of the Galaxy S3 with the marble white model delayed until 1 June and the pebble blue until 5 June.