Samsung Galaxy Round curved screen smartphone

Samsung has announced its curved screen smartphone in the shape of the Galaxy Round.

The firm is calling the Galaxy Round the world's first curved display smartphone offering a comfortable and exclusive experience. The Galaxy Round has and will be available in Korea in 'luxury brown' from tomorrow meaning Samsung has pipped LG to the title.

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The star of the show is the 5.7in Full HD Super AMOLED screen which is concave from side to side, much like a curved screen TV. The phone, which looks like a warped version of the Galaxy Note 3 is 7.9 mm thick and 154 g.

Samsung said: "As a result of its unique curved design, users can take advantage of round integration experiences like the Roll Effect that enables the user to check information such as the date, time, missed calls and battery easily when home screen is off, and the Gravity Effect for creating visual interaction with the screen by tilting the device."

Furthermore, a feature called Bounce UX allows users to control music playback without switching the screen on. A short press to the left of the device will play the previous track while a short press to the right will play the next track.

Side Mirror enables users to gain access to list of the album content with a left and right tilt of the device.

More benefits include one handed operation, despite the large size of the display. Samsung said the most used controls can be placed to one side of the screen to avoid stretching.

Samsung hasn't said whether the Galaxy Round will be released outside of Korea but we'll keep you up to date.

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