We've been collating all the juiciest rumours about the Galaxy S10, which will debut in February at MWC, but now we can cross one off the list: Samsung will not be adding 5G support to its upcoming S10.

However, Samsung has confirmed that it is working on a dedicated 5G phone. 

According to Ice Universe on Twitter: "Samsung will launch 5G in March next year, but only 5G will be opened in few regions of the world. It is reasonable for Samsung not to carry 5G on S10. 5G baseband may bring instability and heat. Samsung will release a 5G dedicated mobile phone."

5G had been an exciting potential feature for the Galaxy S10 for several reasons. The umbrella term for the fifth-generation of mobile networks, it is significantly faster than 4G. In lab tests speeds up of up to 4.5Gbps have been achieved, and in real-world scenarios it's 10- to 20 times faster than the existing max.

The prolific tweeter provided the info in a follow up to news that Samsung's DJ Koh has gone on record to put to bed certain rumours:

  1. Samsung IS launching a foldable phone
  2. The Note and S series are NOT going to merge
  3. The S10 is NOT the company's first 5G phone
  4. Samsung will not allow Huawei to take its top spot in the smartphone market

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