Samsung has revealed that it expects one in every five mobile phones sold this year will be a touchscreen handset.

The South Korean electronics giant has sold 50 million touchscreen mobile phones so far this year. Last year, the company had only sold 10 million touchscreen handsets by the end of November. Samsung also said it is on track to beat its 2009 sales target of 200 million mobile phones.

Samsung held the second-largest share of the worldwide mobile phone market in the third quarter, trailing Nokia but well ahead of third-placed LG Electronics, according to market researcher IDC.

"The growth in sales shows the rapid adoption of touchscreen phones by mainstream consumers," the company said, noting the importance of multimedia as well as sleek handset designs.

Touchscreens have become more popular on smartphones. The proportion of smartphones with touchscreens reached 45 percent in the third quarter of this year, up from 31 percent a year ago, according to market researcher Canalys.

Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM), Apple and High Tech Computer (HTC), in descending order of market share, together hold 80 percent of the smartphone market, Canalys says.

Samsung said its Star (S5230) multimedia mobile phone introduced in May is its best selling mobile so far, with sales passing 10 million units within six months of the launch, while the F480 has sold nine million units since May 2008 and the Corby (S3650) has sold three million units in the two months since its September launch.

Samsung has sold most of its touchscreen handsets in Europe, 19 million, followed by the US at 6.3 million, China at 3.4 million and South Korea at 3 million, the company said.

Nokia remained atop the worldwide mobile phone market with a 37.8 percent share in the third quarter, according to IDC.

Samsung came in second with a 21 percent share, followed by LG's 11 percent, Sony Ericsson's 4.9 percent and Motorola's 4.7 percent.

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