Ryanair has installed technology in ten of its planes that will allow passengers to make mobile phone calls while in the air.

According to the budget airline, passengers could be making calls within a few weeks. Ryanair also said it plans to extend the technology to its entire fleet of aircraft.

Mobile phones will still need to remain switched off during take-off and landing but may be used once the aircraft has reached its cruising altitude.

Ryanair is among the first airlines to install the technology after the EU gave the go-ahead for mobile phones to be used during flights. Originally the devices had been banned as they interfere with an aircraft's communication system but it has since emerged that it is possible to route calls through a small mast fitted to the plane without affecting communication systems.

Ryanair's deputy chief executive Howard Millar said he expected charges to be similar to international roaming prices currently offered by telecommunications companies.

Millar told The Telegraph: "I believe the main demand will be for texting. We are also looking at selling mobile phone top ups."

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