Ive loved Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brownthe 1966 TV specialsince I was a kid, and I always look forward to my yearly viewing. But even as a child, I didnt yearn for repeats: once a year was enough. The program, and its December counterpart, A Charlie Brown Christmas, are both warm and cozy.

The Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown app for the iPhone and iPad is as cozy as the yearly TV special, with some nice features: optional narration, character voices, and background music from the original TV program. There are also a few animated sequences included.

Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown lets you create avatars, and while thats somewhat fun, they dont offer a lot of variation.

These are terrific, but other added featuresdress-up avatars, simple games like bobbing for apples and carving your own pumpkinadd little to whats already there. The app can also be more costly than the initial price tag indicates, as in-app purchases of coins ranging from $1 for 10 coins to $30 for 1,000 coins buy little more than some additional avatar options. The extra options hardly seemed that much fun, even for the youngest set.

While theres a lot to like in this well-produced ebook app from Loud Crow, its also disappointing in some ways. It seems a bit overpriced, even without the coins. And for $10, you can buy the actual programalong with Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown and Its Magic, Charlie Brownfrom iTunes. For me, and for my young child who also read the book and has seen the special many times, theres a charm to the TV special that simply isnt captured in this app.