The LTE-enabled iPad minis are coming! The LTE-enabled iPad minis are coming! Elsewhere, Apple lays down the law for its accessory makers, and announces its workshop closure for the holidays. The remainders for Thursday, November 8, 2012 are todays headlines ... today.

Apple puts delivery dates back on LTE iPad mini orders, customers seeing November 21st date (9to5Mac)

Those who ordered LTE-enabled iPad minisincluding yours trulyare now seeing a delivery date of November 21 for those orders. This despite the fact the orders are shipping in five business days, which can only lead me to conclude that the iPads are hitchhiking their way across the country. Be safe, little iPad!

Made For iPhone manufacturers may have to comply with Apples supplier responsibility code (TUAW)

Apple is currently holding its annual MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) conference, a gathering of accessory manufacturers, in Shenzhen, China. Interesting tidbits that TUAW is reporting include that accessory makers must conform with Apples supplier code of conduct, the Lightning connector is waterproof, and Apple reserves the right to remotely explode any accessories that dont meet its standards.

Apple Confirms iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown December 21-28 (MacStories)

Unsurprisingly, Apple has announced that iTunes Connect will shut down for the holidays between December 21 and December 28. So developers shouldnt submit any app updates during that period. One of these days the company should just start hiring elves.