After going into administration and closing many stores, smartphone retailer Phones 4U has confirmed that no refunds will be given for iPhone 6 pre-orders. See also: The best smartphone you can buy in 2014.

The firm plunged into the situation because mobile network EE has decided not to renew its contract following Vodafone's recent move of the same variety – both of which had come a complete shock. Although some stores have been saved, customers who placed pre-orders for an iPhone 6 will not be given a refund  Read: iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to ApplePay.

Phones 4U iPhone 6 pre-order refunds

Ordered an iPhone 6 from Phones4U? Here's what you need to know. See also: iPhone 6 review.

Initially, Phones 4U said that any orders not dispatched would be cancelled and payments refunded. However, the firm has now detailed that iPhone 6 pre-orders are not included in this.

"Unfortunately we do not have any iPhone 6’s, therefore customers who have pre-ordered an iPhone 6 through Phones 4u will not receive their purchase."

"Customers who have paid using credit cards should contact their credit card company to try and seek resolution to this matter.  If you are unable to obtain a refund through your credit card company and wish to register a claim, your claim (to the extent you have one) will rank as an unsecured claim in the Administration"

Customers can make a claim with this form.

Phone 4U closing affects iPhone 6 pre-orders

"If mobile network operators decline to supply us, we do not have a business. A good company making profits of over £100m, employing thousands of decent people has been forced into administration." said Phones 4U boss David Kassler, adding that it was a "very sad day" for customers and staff.

With Phones 4U the only other retailer apart from Carphone Warehouse to offer phones on different networks, it doesn't look good for competition and therefore pricing. Phones 4U announed in January that it was going to launch its own network in partnership with EE.

Stefano Quadrio Curzio, from BC Partners which owns Phones 4U, said: "Vodafone has acted in exactly the opposite way to what they had consistently indicated to the management of Phones 4U over more than six months. Their behaviour appears to have been designed to inflict the maximum damage to their partner of 15 years, giving Phones 4U no time to develop commercial alternatives."

"The company is in a healthy state and both EE and Vodafone had, until very recently, consistently indicated that they saw Phones 4u as a long-term strategic partner," he added.

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