The Palm Pre has won the PC Advisor Awards 2010 - Best Smartphone award, after being named as the best handset to come through the PC Advisor Test Centre over the past 12 months.

The most anticipated gadget of the year kept us waiting from its January unveiling to its mid-October UK launch to see whether it could live up to its exceptional hype. The answer: oh yes. The smallest, neatest 3G smartphone around is getting the 'App Store' treatment, with tons of customisable downloads in the offing.

With a beautiful screen, tucked-away keypad and a mouthpiece that subtly curves towards you, the Pre is a delight to chat on. This is a fantastic, well-connected phone first and foremost; the fact that it's also a desirable gadget is a bonus. Touch-sensitive controls and the ability to run four or five applications at once make the most of its 3.1in display and nippy processor.

Palm Pre

The runners-up in the smartphone category were as follows: Apple iPhone 3GS, HTC Hero, Nokia N97 and RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520.

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