As reported earlier Palm has unveiled its iPhone killer, the Palm Pre - an EvDO 3G smartphone with a 3.1in 320x480 touchscreen that can recognise gestures as well as individual taps.

Palm launched the touchscreen smartphone at CES 2009 along with a brand-new WebOS operating system and Synergy, an "intelligent" cohesive contact management setup.

Palm pre smartphone

In an interview with The Guardian Palm's executive chairman Jon Rubinstein says that his company is 'just getting started'.

Rubinstein, previously one of Steve Jobs most trusted henchmen at Apple, leads Palm's research, development and engineering departments and told the newspaper:

"We're just getting started. We've been fighting the battle with basically both hands tied behind our back for the past year and half. Now we're getting on the playing field, and we're going to be extremely competitive. But it's the beginning."

"We created the smartphone space and the mobile space - so, yeah, we need to make the company really great again."

"This is a CDMA device," he added. "But we have a UMTS, 3G version in the pipeline as well... Palm is a global company and the world is important to us. Europe is an important place."

Palm hires Apple talent

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