Brits surfing the web using using the Opera Mini mobile web browser save $66 (£40) per year, according to Opera.

The browser developer says this figure is based on the fact that Opera Mini compresses data by 90 percent, therefore those using it download less data when browsing the web. However, the figures only apply to those on pay-as-you-go contracts, not those on unlimited data plans.

Opera also said that across the 10 countires that were the biggest users of Opera Mini, consumers using the browser save $8.1bn (£4.95bn) per year. The top 10 biggest users of Opera Mini includes Russia, the US, China and India, as well as the UK.

Opera released the figures in its monthly State of the Mobile Web report. The report also revealed that globally, 35.6 million handset owners used Opera Mini to browse the web in September this year, that's an 11.5 percent increase from August.

Furthermore, 15 billion pages were viewed on the browser worldwide in September.

The company said that 227,000,000MB of data had been transferred during the month by Opera Mini users, which is 8.7 percent up on August.

Facebook remained the most visited site by Opera Mini users in the UK, closely followed by Google, the BBC, Yahoo and Wikipedia.

"We are on a mission to bring the web to everyone, on their terms. By making the mobile web more affordable, we help democratise it," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

"With more than half the world's population using a mobile phone, we can expand the reach of the web in a way that almost defies imagination."

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