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We finally got our hands on the OnePlus One and already we're hearing rumours about the OnePlus Two. But hold on: aren't we missing something before we move on to second-generation OnePlus products? How about a OnePlus One mini? Or a OnePlus tablet? Here we investigate the possibility of a smaller OnePlus One phone and a larger OnePlus tablet release. Also see: 10 best upcoming phones you should be most excited about in 2014 

The thing about rumours is that they are just rumours. There is a big difference between rumours (which anyone can start), leaks (which typically come from an insider and often turn out to be true), and speculation that's based on what we want or think a company should do. Also see: OnePlus One review and OnePlus One: release date, price and specs

OnePlus Tab release

Case in point: last week we heard about the rumoured OnePlus One tablet, the OnePlus Tab. A screenshot of OnePlus' website showing a OnePlus One Tab product tab was sent into evleaks. Also see: Inside the OnePlus One

OnePlus One Tab   

Lots of people got excited, but the OnePlus Tab turned out to be a fake. Some joker had simply photoshopped in a new product category tab, something that could be replicated in two seconds. (Indeed, check out the image at the top of this page of the OnePlus One, OnePlus One mini and OnePlus Tab. Totally fake. Totally Photoshopped.) 

The official word from OnePlus is that the OnePlus Tab screenshot is a fake. More importantly, it has said it will not be releasing any new products this year. 

Do we believe OnePlus? 100 percent. After all, it's finding it difficult enough to meet demand for a single product as it is, and why wouldn't it want people to get excited if it really was launching new hardware? And although we know something is going to happen on 22 July with its mysterious Knock On Wood promotion, chances are it's just another competition through which OnePlus will give away invites to buy the OPO. (See also: Buy OnePlus One phone with or without an invite.)

OnePlus One mini release

Which leads us on to the subject of a OnePlus One mini release. This is pure speculation cooked up by hopefuls who have seen OnePlus' rivals Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony each release compact versions of their flagships and would love to see the same from OnePlus in the form of a OnePlus One mini. Unfortunately, as ever in life, we do not always get what we want. Also see: 35 best smartphones 2014 

The OnePlus One is a huge phone. It's a very nice phone, yes, but also a very big phone. And as much as I like it, it's probably too big for me. But plenty of people can't live without their phablets, and for many people it's a case of the bigger the better. You might hear people complaining that the OnePlus One is too big, but don't forget that just as many people love it the way it is. 

Take a look at OnePlus' forums and you'll find multiple threads on the OnePlus One mini, many of them containing polls through which it's fair to say there is a reasonable demand for such a compact device. But all are simply speculation based on the fact they'd like a mini OnePlus One. 

Until OnePlus has got delivery of its OnePlus One phone under control we really shouldn't expect it to be in a position to deliver something new. 

One rumour that probably is true, however, is the possibility of a OnePlus Two. Check out everything we know about the OnePlus Two release date, price and specs here.

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