O2 launched Priority Sports app via a unique collaboration with Nike which aims to bring customers closer to their sporting passion.

Already experiencing considerable success, O2’s Priority Moments is set to have another boost, the Priority Sports app and collaboration with Nike enabling them to offer their 23 million customers exclusive sporting services, products and experiences.

02 Priority Sports

Priority Sports delivers both digital and physical sporting experiences to customers on their smartphones; digitally, customers are given access to the Nike+ Running App enabling them to measure, compare and share their runs.

Physically customers are given the opportunity to claim free Nike+ Fuelfest tickets, take part in virtual training programmes, weekly Nike+ Run and training Clubs and gain exclusive and advance product releases. Customers will also be offered select experiences, such as training with the Arsenal squad or doing the London to Brighton with Mark Cavendish.

Released to coincide with the results of research into the part smartphones play in peoples sporting lives, Priority Sports will be available to all O2 customers once it goes live in August. Marathon champion Paula Radcliffe MBE launched the app along with other sporting stars that work with Nike and Priority Sports.

At the launch Radcliffe said: : "It's really encouraging to see that technology is motivating people - particularly older people - to get out there and get moving. If technology like the priority sports app can inspire people, help them set goals and achieve them, then that is great!"