Microsoft Lumia

It was in the pipeline and leaked beforehand but Microsoft has now officially killed the Nokia brand and replaced it with it's own on Windows Phone handsets. Updated on 24/10/14. Also see: Best smartphones 2014.

Despite having the rights to the name for use with mobile phones for up to 10 years, Microsoft has decided to put the Nokia branding to bed already. The firm will instead use 'Microsoft Lumia' going forward. Read: Microsoft ditching the Nokia brand isn't going to help Windows Phone.

Microsoft ditching the Nokia brand isn't going to help Windows Phone - See more at:

The Nokia brand has been visible on recent smartphone launches such as the Lumia 930 and Lumia 735 but Microsoft has not mentioned it in any press on marketing materials.


Nokia's Windows Phone apps have been also re-branded to Lumia recently and the firm hasn't even been referring to Windows Phone in advertising instead using just Windows.

Nokia France's Facebook page has posted confirming that the name will be changed to 'Microsoft Lumia which also says "Stay tuned to learn more soon". Nokia France's Twitter account linked to the page. Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that other countries will follow the same re-branding steps.

We thought we were going to have to wait for new smartphones to learn how Microsoft would brand physical devices guessing it would use 'Lumia', 'Microsoft' or a combination of the two.

Microsoft Lumia

"In the coming weeks and months, you’ll start seeing even more brand experience come to life across different channels as we transition from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia," it said in a blog post. "This work continues across our devices, packaging and retail, to name a few. It’s all going as planned and we’re excited that our integration in to Microsoft continues to be on track."

Going forward, Windows Phone devices will have 'Microsoft' logos but the firm will continue to launch entry-level feature phones with the Nokia logo such as the Nokia 130.

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