If you haven't picked up the HTC One in the five months since its introduction, perhaps a change of hue may finally help tempt you. At least that is what the Taiwanese manufacturer is hoping will help invigorate sales for their premier aluminum-encased phone. It's all about the blue.

The new, sadder shade of One--officially "vivid blue"--will be an exclusive to Best Buy through the end of the year. The blue Ones will be available for $200 with a two-year contract on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, but not yet on T-Mobile.

The Sprint and AT&T versions both advertise 32GB of storage, while the Verizon version does not specify how much capacity it will have, though the recent addition of the aluminum-hued Verizon One advertises 32GB of storage. We have reached out to Best Buy and Verizon for clarification and will update when (and if) they get back to us.

Last week, HTC made good on their promise to start making crappier phones by unveiling a couple of additions to their midrange Desire line of phones. The company also used the debut of the Desire lines to announce the new blue One.

Good thing for HTC and Best Buy there's nothing else going on in the mobile world today.