Apple fans picking up a new iPad on launch will be keen to show off that new Retina display. Aside from Apple's built in Apps, there are very few apps as yet with dedicated support for the new Retina display.

Apple has a list of suggested apps for the new iPad, but this includes some apps and games (admittedly very good ones) that don't yet support the Retina display.

So if you're looking for some high-resolution Retina-display app action, here's a list of apps to check out. (Note: all links open iTunes).

Infinity Blade II

A new update to this classic hack-and-slash adventure game now includes Retina display support. It already looked incredible, so the new iPad version is outstanding.

Real Racing 2 HD

One of the best looking games for the iPad now has full 2048x1536 Retina support with 4x anti-aliasing. A good one to show off what the new iPad can do.

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Amazing high resolution game based on the classic space opera. A great storyline and now stunning graphics.

Sky Gamblers

A new flight combat game designed specifically to launch alongside the new iPad. Looks impressive.

Barefoot World Atlas

Interactive 3D globe designed to teach children about the different regions and countries of the world.


The classic Twitter client has been updated to include Retina display graphics.

Flight Control Rocket

The follow up to the classic plane-landing game has full resolution graphics.


This photo booth-style app is great fun, and now supports high resolution graphics.


This classic mind mapping, diagram, web design, and flowchart software has also been updated for Retina display graphics. Developers rejoice.


Vimeo has added support for the Retina display, which the company says will make videos on Vimeo look beautiful on the new iPad from the moment it arrives. Even better, Vimeo is a free app and the update is available to everyone with the Vimeo app on his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

We're sure there will be other apps up on the store shortly, and most developers will start to create Retina display versions of apps soon. Let us know if you spot any other Retina-compatible apps in the store in the comments.

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