The MyTouch 4G Slide smartphone will be sold by T-Mobile USA for $200 starting in July.

T-Mobile USA announced the new MyTouch 4G Slide smartphone will go on sale in July and claimed it has the "most advanced camera of any smartphone."

T-Mobile said the HTC smartphone, which runs Android 2.3, will sell for $199.99, after rebate, and with a two-year contract.

Digital photography purists have long argued that combining a phone with a camera doesn't produce great photos, but that hasn't stopped HTC and T-Mobile from trying.

Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing at T-Mobile, said the MyTouch 4G Slide will allow families and other users to leave their cameras at home, taking only the smartphone for dual duty.

The Slide has an 8-megapixel camera, which is becoming somewhat commonplace in newer smartphones on the market. However, the Slide's camera comes with a dual LED flash and zero shutter lag to give an instant shot.

Other camera features include a wide aperture lens with an f-stop at 2.2 and a backside illuminated sensor for use in low light situations. It also has a feature called SweepShot for capturing panoramas with a single sweeping motion, ClearShot HDR for capturing a single object in a bright location that could otherwise be washed, and BurstShot for taking multiple photos in a sudden burst for shots of sports activities and other fast-action movement.

T-Mobile, like the other major carriers, sells more than 30 models of phones and smartphones, so it's no surprise that the carrier would focus on selling the Slide as a viable replacement for a point-and-shoot digital camera.

As a smartphone, T-Mobile said the device can be used to quickly share photos and videos to post to Facebook , Picasa or Flickr at 4G speeds. The camcorder is a full HD 1080p camera with editing software built into the device.

The 3.7-in. LCD touchscreen is smaller than the biggest new smartphones on the market, which can measure up to 4.3-inches in size. The Slide's slide-out keyboard allows for Qwerty typing.

The Slide also features a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, putting it at the top of what competitors are offering for fast browsing and access to apps. The Slide comes in khaki or black.

Video chat is also enabled with Qik technology and Dragon Dictation software powers voice commands to initiate calls, write texts or search the Web.

T-Mobile's 4G networks runs HSPA+ and HSPA+42 in some locations offering more than 10 Mbps data downlinks to users. AT&T is in the process of purchasing T-Mobile, although government approvals are expected to last another year.

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