As the technology evolution shapes the enterprise landscape, Vodafone New Zealand believes new business models are emerging as a result of 'mega trends' changing the way Kiwis work.

Speaking at its Ready Business event in Auckland last night, the telco's head of networks, Tony Baird, says the biggest issue facing New Zealand businesses today is predicting how their world will look tomorrow.

Alluding to the SMBs which mushroom up across the country, as well as the large enterprises operating in the cities, Baird dismissed the old ways of working as outdated, insisting that becoming a 'Ready Business' is about embracing the future.

"New business models are evolving around big trends," he said. "We believe they are driven by trends such as speed and traffic, cloud and big data, as well as the Internet of Things.

"I know it's a bit of buzzword bingo but the old ways of working and reaching customers no longer apply."

In New Zealand, 73% of CIOs believe mobile, and the impact of mobile, is greater or equal to the impact of the internet -- findings Baird believes endorses the Ready Business approach.

"The internet is just a protocol between two devices," he added. "It's the mobile devices that allow you to connect and access information anywhere."

New Zealand trends...

From 2011 to 2013, daily minutes used by Kiwis on smartphones doubled to 195.

As a result, Vodafone says 86% of customers are prepared to pay more for a better user experience, further changing the dynamics of business.

"In my industry it's all about consistency," he said. "It's about always being able to connect to the network and always having a good user experience, which is applicable to most industries.

"By 2020 we believe data usage will rise from 600MB to 30GB per month, with users being able to access speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps."

Becoming a Ready Business is more than "going digital"; it centres around a roadmap with mobility leading the way.

"Around 78% of CIOs expect M2M to help drive their business to success," Baird added.

With over 1 million M2M devices on the Vodafone network in New Zealand, Baird believes M2M solutions can improve operational efficiency in business, through developing new service-based customer propositions and revenue streams.

"M2M is providing valuable for a variety of organisations, from Coca-Cola, to garbage collection to connected cars," Baird said. "It helps provide businesses with the ability to extend their market share within their respective industries."

A knock-on effect, according to Baird, is that 90% of technological control will be outside of the business by 2020 as the role of IT departments change.

"Over the years most businesses have developed with a large IT department and built an infrastructure around private networks, private telephones etc," he said. "But we're seeing a shift as more and more CIOs look to 'as a service' models within the cloud.

"Businesses also appreciate the value of working together, with 87% of CIOs believing partnerships are better than innovating alone.

"They understand they can't rule themselves so they partner with other industries and trust them to provide the services they require to grow their business.

The crux of it, according to Baird, is that becoming a Ready Business is about embracing the future, whatever it brings, with mobility at its core.

And given recent IDC findings expect the global Internet of Things IoT market to grow by over US$5 trillion by 2020, maybe it's only a matter of time...