BlackBerry 10 live launch

We bring you live video of today's BlackBerry 10 launch. Bookmark this page and check back at 3pm for live action from New York in the video-player box below. Alternatively you can view our BlackBerry 10 launch LiveBlog from the London event: BlackBerry 10 launch: Live. And, of course, PC Advisor will be first with all the BlackBerry news, reviews and analysis after the event. See also: BlackBerry Z10 review and BlackBerry 10 review.

BlackBerry was largely responsible for popularising the smartphone as a portable communications device. Its handsets brought to the mass market mobile email, and at one stage it dominated the smartphone market. Every professional person had a BlackBerry, it seemed.

More recently BlackBerry has struggled, as first the iPhone and then Android and now Windows Phone 8 smartphones took market- and mind-share away from RIM's product. Lack of apps and a slowness to adapt to touchscreen technology made BlackBerries seem almost quaint.

RIM hopes that BlackBerry 10 will change that. It believes that by updating its platform and releasing new handsets it can attract consumers, whilst maintaining its position as the undisputed king of smartphone fleet management from the server side. It believes it can be the phone you want, and the phone your IT support guy wants you to have. We shall see - and you can watch with us.

BlackBerry 10 launch: live video

We will be providing a live feed of the BlackBerry 10 launch from New York on January 30th. The event is scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm UK time and is expected to run for one hour.

Live video for mobile from Ustream