Kazam smartphones

Kazam is a new player in the smartphone market and is aiming to tempt buyers with the promise of free replacements for broken screens and remote support.

You probably haven't heard the name, but Kazam is a smartphone maker which wants to 'disrupt the industry status quo' by 'delivering mobile devices that people actually want and need'. The firm, started by two former HTC execs, will launch seven smartphones in Europe under the Trooper and Thunder brand names.

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Michael Coombes, CEO of Kazam said: "Six months ago Kazam was founded and to be announcing our first phones today is incredible. We are small and experienced, ensuring we are quick to adapt and react to the changing needs of our local markets. There is much more to come from our exciting brand."

Kazam has said that it will replace a cracked or broken screen on any of its smartphones within the first year from purchase. Hopefully this doesn't mean the firm is expecting its screens to break.

It also has a system called Kazam Rescue which will allow customers to get help on the go – a customer support team will be able to remote access their device to aid with issues.

The Trooper range, consisting of five smartphones, is a 'less is more' approach, dual-core processors, low storage and a basic camera. The main difference between them is screen size. Meanwhile the two Thunder handsets will be aimed at those more bothered about specifications, offering a quad-core processor and a better camera.

All Kazam smartphones will feature Android 4.2 Jelly Bean dual-SIM, a removable battery and upgradable memory (an SD card slot). Country specific pricing and release date information is yet to be announced.

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