Sometimes the human race so depresses me.

What a load of nonsense we’ve witnessed today as queues formed at mobile phone shops around the country and even the police were called out to the London Apple Store when the tills stopped working, or something.

These iPhone owners have had their fancy handsets a mere eight months, and yet they now deem them obsolete just because Apple has made them a little faster and tacked on a half-baked sat nav solution.

I, meanwhile, have been waiting nearly three years for Apple or Motorola to update my trusty ROKR mobile phone, which – just like the iPhone – can make telephone calls and play iTunes music. It also features a touchable colour screen, menus and simple navigation.

Do you hear me wailing at the lack of an upgrade, even though I’ve now filled it to its 100-song capacity, or hassling Apple staff about the possibility of a ROKR 3G?

No, you do not.