How inconsiderate of Apple to launch the iPhone on June 29 – a Friday. Apple is unlikely to have enough iPhones to meet demand on the opening weekend, and so by releasing the handset on a work day, the company is surely posing a few headaches for those who can’t get a day off.

But fear not US iPhone fans. Although queues are already forming outside iPhone retailers in the States, amongst the legions of Apple devotees are ‘professional queuers’ – enterprising and patient individuals prepared to camp overnight (or over several nights) in order to get their hands on one of the first iPhone handsets and then trade them for cash.

US classified advertising network Craigslist is full of ads placed by those hoping to make a fast buck. This one has been posted by three men wearing an ‘iWait’ printed t-shirt to prove their dedication to the cause. “Me and my buddies are in line right now and want to get better offers for a gauranteed iPhone,” says Jon.

So what’s the going rate for standing in line for at least two days? Some of those posting Craiglist ads offer to swap their brand-new iPhone for $150 in cash, while the most expensive we’ve seen is $500.

But not all professional queuers are driven purely by the lure of cash – “will wait in line at Apple Store in WC for 80 + Beer and a pack of smokes," says another ad.

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