HTC One M8 Max: release date, price, specs, UK

Find out first: the upcoming HTC One M8 Max (Prime/Plus) phablet's specs, release date, price and new features. Updated on 08/10/14Watch HTC One M8 Eye and One M8 Max launch live video and blog.

The HTC One M8 Max (aka Prime/Plus) is going to be HTC's replacement for the HTC One Max: a large-screened phablet with a beautiful display, intended to replace both your phone and your tablet. We're going to keep an eye out for the HTC One M8 Max (Prime/Plus) as its launch grows nearer, so here is what we know and what we think we know of the HTC One M8 Max (Prime/Plus) release date, specs, price, features. (See also: the best phablets of 2014.)

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HTC One M8 Max: release date

In august we said this: "We expect the HTC One M8 Max to be announced and launched globally in the third quarter of this year, perhaps in October to kick off the Christmas buying season, and to match the launch of the HTC One Max."

And it seems we might be right, as HTC is holiding a launch event in New York on 8 October where it could well announced the HTC One M8 Max, Prime, Plus or whatever it ends up being called. It might also announce the HTC One M8 Eye and/or HTC Desire Eye.

HTC One M8 Max: specs, features

HTC One Prime M8 (EVLeaks)

According to the internet rumour mill, fuelled principally by generally credible HTC-watching sites such as EVLeaks (from where we got the photo above), HTCSoku, GSM Arena and TK Tech News, the HTC One M8 Max will have a massive 5.9in display, with a 2K Full HD resolution. Expect a super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen boasting 16M colours. However, TK Tech News now says that the device will have a smaller 5.3in display with a Full HD 1080p resolution.

On the design front it will supposedly be made of some exotic combination of aluminum and liquid silicone. Matching the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2, it will be dust- and waterproof.

General performance is also likely to be immense: expect 3GB of RAM to be paired with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 CPU.

The HTC One M8 Max is also tipped to launch on Android 4.4.3, although we've also seen Android 4.4.2 quoted. Given that the normal sized HTC One M8 runs Android 4.4.2 this may be more likely. The device will be the first to come with HTC Sense 6.5 - the firm's Android user interface.

As ever with a new HTC One phone we are excited by the camera. We expect the HTC One M8 Max to feature an updated UltraPixel camera: the word is that the HTC One M8's UltraPixel camera will be upgraded from 4Mp to 5MP. We've also read suggestions that the secondary camera will be a 18-megapixel unit - although that seems outlandish at this stage.

New HTC One M8 Other things to expect: the HTC One M8 Max will be a 4G-capable GSM, HSDPA, LTE handset that takes a nano-SIM. It will feature Cat 6 LTE.

Bluetooth 4.0 nd Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi will of course be present, as well as NFC. You'll sync and charge via USB 2.0. We expect the now standard 16GB and 32GB onboard storage flavours, with a SD card slot able to take up to 128GB cards.

Expect Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and barometer sensors, and a huge but non-removable battery.

What you won't see is a fingerprint scanner in the HTC One M8 Max.

We will update this article as we know more about the HTC One M8 Max specifications and new features. See also: The 26 best smartphones: The best phone you can buy in 2014.

HTC One M8 Max: UK price

There's no word yet on the price of the HTC One M8 Max, but we can make some assumptions based on the cost of components and the price of the HTC One Max as it launched. We'll update this as we go, but expect the HTC One M8 Max to cost around £550-£600 when it launches, and then to drop in price. It is a high-quality smartphone/tablet hybrid at the top of the market after all. See also: New HTC One M8 vs HTC One M7 2014 smartphone comparison review.