Google's Nexus 5 smartphone has sold out just two days after it officially went on sale in Australia.

The device went on sale through the Australian Google Play Store last Friday.

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However, both black and white models in 16GB and 32GB variants are now listed as out of stock. There is no indication as to when the smartphone will go back on sale.

The 16GB model Nexus 5 sells for $399 while the 16GB model retails for $449.

There are currently no plans for Australian carriers to sell the phone, but manufacturer LG released a media statement last week saying further details on additional sales channels will be released once the device has completed "local network testing".

Google has been heavily promoting and selling its own-brand Android devices but the company has a history of stock shortages.

It severely struggled with Nexus 4 stock levels since its worldwide launch back in November 2012.