Google is introducing a new version of its customised iPhone web portal that further integrates the company's offerings into Apple's popular handset. The revamped service will be on display at this week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and available to anyone who uses the iPhone.

The services are accessed simply by directing the iPhone's Safari Web browser to Google's home page. Previously, iPhone users had access to special versions of google Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and other services working from a unified interface on iPhone's Safari.

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On Monday, Google announced that it has further streamlined the interface, tweaking it both for speed and usability. Users can also customise Google applications on tabs in the menu bar; you can select what Google app you'd like to use by bringing it to the front menu. The tab customisation includes Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Docs and Picasa accounts.

Gmail is now faster, and features 'auto-complete' that will automatically fill in the contacts field of emails. The calendar now features a Month view. Google users can also access 'iGoogle' gadgets - mini-applications that show you weather, stock info, news feeds and other content.

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