Google Nexus 4 smartphone

Virgin Mobile has started selling Google's Nexus 4 smartphone on contract.

The UK mobile operator has added the Nexus 4 to its range of smartphones, making it only the third to do so alongside O2 and Three. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. handset is available for free on two year contracts. See also: Best place to buy Nexus 4

Virgin Mobile's tariffs for the Nexus 4 start at £31 per month but with the restriction of 500MB of data. Pay £34 per month and £99 for the handset and you'll gain unlimited data while £36 per month allows 1GB of data with a free Nexus 4. The monthly price for a free smartphone and unlimited mobile internet is £39.

Best apps for Nexus 4

The problem with getting the Nexus 4 on a contract is that Google sells it SIM-free from a bargain price of £239 meaning you can go and get a cheap SIM-only deal with a one month rolling contract. However, the Nexus 4 has been out of stock on the Google Play Store for all but a couple of days since its launch in November.

Google apologised for the stock shortages, blaming its manufacturing partner LG. But it has kept quiet on when more units of the Nexus 4 will arrive.

The Nexus 4 has launched on Virgin at the same time rumours have emerged suggesting LG has stopped production of the handset to focus on another smartphone – possibly the Nexus 5 which could be unveiled next month at MWC.

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