Google Nexus 4 temporarily out of stock

Google's desirable Nexus 4 smartphone, as predicted, has gone back on sale in the UK.

The Nexus 4 smartphone is available for consumers in the UK to purchase once again. Google's bargain priced handset went back on sale yesterday afternoon at 3pm and is still in stock now.

After nearly a month of being sold out more Nexus 4 stock arrived at precisely the moment that BlackBerry 10 launched on the Z10 and Q10. This is likely to be a very deliberate move by Google rather than a mere coincidence.

We don't know how much stock is available so our advice is to grab one while you can. The 8GB model costs £239 while the 16GB model will set you back £279. At the time of writing, shipping is estimated at one to two weeks.

We sincerely hope the Nexus 4 remains in stock after months of stock woes. The Nexus 4 has only been on sale for a matter of days despite being launched in November. And instead of being clear and informing consumers of the situation Google and LG have been firing blame at each other for the problems. See also: Google Nexus 4 launches on Virgin Mobile.

Google did apologise for the stock shortages and offered some customers a refund on postage costs. LG will be increasing production of the Nexus 4 in February so hopefully there will be enough to go round.

There's been plenty of snaps of a white Nexus 4 posted online this week, but there's been no word on a launch date for the device.

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Google Nexus 4 white