"It's not about pretty icons, Apple fanboys, and its not about business use, Windows Mobile Nerds: its about giving people the true tools to build whatever they want without lame App Store limitations and OS handcuffs.

"It's about giving phone makers shackled to Symbian and Microsoft's phone OS the chance to build with something different and better and free. And who's going to complain about that?"

That's what John Maloney at Gizmodo thinks ("Why Android Will Soon Kick Ass"), but I don't entirely agree.

I develop for the iPhone, but I'll also develop Android applications and I think pretty icons really do matter, and so do business uses. That's why most people use Windows or Mac OS X as their desktop operating systems, and not Linux.

The first generation iPhone sold pretty well, but was only after the debut of tools like push email that sales of the iPhone 3G soared - the device became relevant to the business world.

But the most important concern for users is consistency - of user interface, of operation - mainly in how the device works for them. Consistency is far more important than the ability to change everything.


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