Singapore is fast-becoming a centre of innovation for big data and analytics start-ups. The latest company to join the ranks is Sparkline, a Singapore-based web and mobile data analytics start-up.

The startup, founded by three Google alumni, was officially launched yesterday (12 November) in Singapore.

Sparkline, founded in 2012, analyses a company's online and mobile data to extract insights that improve marketing, merchandising and business operations.

At the launch, the company's founders said that there is one of the first in Asia to provide firms with customised data analytics and strategic solutions, providing insights that improve a company's bottom line.

Sparkline is already advising companies such as Google, SingPost, Malaysia Airlines and INSEAD, the founders told the media.

"Sparkline analyses a company's online and mobile data to extract insights that improves marketing, merchandising and business operations," said Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Managing Partner and Co-Founder. "For example, working with hotel room booking site Amari, our analysis and solutions delivered a 47% increase in hotel room bookings."

"Data can provide valuable real-time insights into actual behaviour, and help companies better anticipate demand and better serve customers. But the data itself creates significant challenges - complexity, size, volume, speed - that many companies are not equipped to manage," said Aleetza Senn, Managing Partner and Co-Founder.

Sparkline provides services in assessment and strategy, technology solutions, insights and actions, and customised training to bring teams up to speed on data.

It delivers the services by using the analytics tools of its global technology partners - Google, Adobe, Marketshare, Optimisely and others - to analyse marketing, products and customers.

"The data analytics space in Asia in a huge opportunity. IDC has estimated the APAC (x-Japan) Big Data technology and services market will be worth US$1.76 billion in 2016, up from US$258.5 million in 2011. We are already working with great companies, and are currently recruiting data analysts, system integrators and account managers to capture more of the growth," said Timo Josten, Managing Partner and Co-Founder.

"Companies like Sparkline have the talent and expertise to fuel the eco-system and enable this important knowledge transformation," said Julian Persaud, Managing Director of Google Southeast Asia.

The Founders of Sparkline

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

As a web analytics specialist, Vinny is responsible for the measurement, analysis of data and gaining insights for Sparkline customers, providing strategic counsel to achieve positive ROI. His philosophy is: measure, test changes for impact and iterate. During his time with Google, Vinny was based in Google offices in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. There he provided strategic counsel to advertisers, agencies and partners on free tools such as Google Analytics and Google's Website Optimiser to increase website traffic and revenue, all without spending a single cent. Before Google, Vinny cut his teeth at start-ups in Australia as a web applications developer. His technical skills cover PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, Amazon Web Services, Google Website Optimiser and Google Analytics.

Aleetza Senn, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Aleetza's expertise lies in branding, strategy, marketing consulting and organisational development, all of which help Sparkline's customers to set business objectives and discover new trends for the future of their business. In her prior role at Google, Aleetza spent over nine and a half years in a range of customer-focused strategic roles and was one of the pioneers for Google's office in the Asia Pacific region. She was the sixth person hired in Google's Australia office and the first YouTube employee in the Asia Pacific region. Driven to produce exceptional results, she managed many of the region's Fortune 500 clients and helped each in developing digital strategy across the business with a keen focus on digital marketing in search, display, video, social and finally mobile.

Timo Josten, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

With deep analytics know-how Timo works with Sparkline's customers to maximise revenues for their businesses through the implementation of various technological tools. Prior to founding Sparkline, Timo worked at Google for over five years across a range of departments, locations and products. As part of the Google Analytics team working out of the Singapore office, he managed the Google Analytics Certified Partner program in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Together with Product, Marketing and Sales he was responsible for driving the growth and impact of the Google Analytics Certified Partnerships. Before his career in digital, Timo worked in the media and entertainment industry in Los Angeles and London.