Giffgaff smartphones

Virtual mobile operator Giffgaff has announced that it will start selling smartphones.

The 'mobile operator run by you' which uses O2's network has confirmed that it will become a smartphone retailer as. The firm has previously only sold SIM-only deals for customers who already own a device. See also: Tesco Mobile offers 4G LTE upgrade for £2.50.

Some details are still to be confirmed but Giffgaff will sell a range of smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Apple (see the full list below). The list of 22 handsets was put together with the help of more than 5,300 survey participants and will be expanded going forwards.

The firm aims to get the devices on sale by the end of November, if testing goes to plan. Otherwise they will definitely be available by the end of the year. Pricing is still to be confirmed but the network has said it will be 'competitive'.

Customers will be able to choose how much they pay upfront for the device on the day of purchase and can also opt to pay in monthly instalments thereafter. Monthly payment plans can be changed at any time.

"We have explored different ways of doing financing and reached the conclusion that the fairest and most giffgaff way to enable you to pay monthly is via Peer 2 Peer finance." said Giffgaff.

Giffgaff members are not obliged to buy a goodybag and the phones will not be locked to its, or O2's network. Although the iPhones on offer are refurbished, they will come with a one year guarantee.

It's still unkown as to when Giffgaff will launch a 4G service.

Giffgaff smartphones:

•    Samsung Galaxy Young
•    Samsung Galaxy Fame
•    Samsung Galaxy S3
•    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
•    Samsung Galaxy S4
•    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
•    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
•    Nokia 301
•    Nokia Lumia 520
•    Nokia Lumia 625
•    Nokia Lumia 925
•    Nokia Lumia 1020
•    Sony Xperia E
•    Sony Xperia M
•    Sony Xperia SP
•    Sony Xperia Z
•    Sony Xperia Z1
•    HTC One
•    BlackBerry Q10
•    LG G2
•    iPhone 4 refurb
•    iPhone 4S refurb

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