The upcoming wave of foldable smartphones is going to require a new generation of phone case design, and Spigen is reportedly the first to find a workable design for the Samsung Galaxy Fold - according to an article on The Verge.

The models we’ve seen so far all seem to share a design - with the case protecting the bezels on the front of the device that flank the smaller screen, with the usual openings for the cameras on the back.

So far there appear to be three options:

  • Tough Armor
  • Ultra Hybrid
  • Thin Fit

These will offer varying levels of protection but will also become predictably bulkier the more protection they offer too. The cases will be around the £20/$20 mark and be made out of silicone and plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Case

The cases will look broadly familiar to most of us but with the obvious addition of a hinge. Every smartphone manufacturer seems to have an individual take here, with Huawei’s Mate X, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and even Royole’s Flexpai all folding in different ways. This is undoubtedly going to prove a challenge to case makers who, for the most part, have been used to a pretty standard shape of smartphones over the past couple of years.

Considering the price point of foldable devices, you're certainly going to want a case to protect it - but that should go for any phone too. If you're a Samsung fan then we have cases for every Galaxy S10 model right here.

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