If you’re looking to buy the gorgeous new HTC One M9, you’ll need a case to protect the phone. But with so many available, how do you know which is best for you? We’ve rounded up five of the best HTC One M9 cases available.

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The best HTC One M9 cases: Spigen HTC One M9 Crystal Clear Case

Spigen Crystal Clear case  

First up is the Crystal Clear Case from Spigen. Clear cases are a good idea for people that appreciate the design of their smartphone, but are scared of dropping it. It has a clear hard-back panel with flexible edges, made possible by a combination of TPU and polycarbonate.

It’s also got what Spigen calls “Extreme Drop Protection”, which is air cushion technology in each corner to help absorb impact and reduce damage to your smartphone. They’ve also thought about drops where the phone lands on its screen, adding “lips” to the front of the case that protects the screen from impact.

Price: £4.99 from Amazon

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The best HTC One M9 cases: XQISIT Slim Wallet Case

 XQISIT Slim Wallet Case

The XQISIT Slim Wallet case is ideal for those of us that like the idea of combining your phone case and wallet. The rather stylish Slim Wallet case has been crafted to be slim, so it’s comfortable in your hand. As we mentioned, it also holds up to two bankcards – pretty impressive for an 18mm thick case.

The case features a magnetic closure for a more premium feel, enabling effortless opening and closing. It also stops the front of the case flapping around, a pet hate of ours. The integrated polycarbonate hard case offers improved impact protection, with complete coverage of the screen so there are no issues with scratches.

Price: £19.99 from Carphone Warehouse

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The best HTC One M9 cases: HTC Dot View Ice (Premium)

 HTC Dot View

One of the best features of the HTC One M9 is the interactivity available when used with a HTC Dot View case, much like with the M8. With the screen covered, you can use the dot matrix cover to take calls, check notifications, schedule reminders, get weather updates and more. It’s a refreshing take on interactivity with cases, combining a rather retro looking design with innovative technology.

You also get wrap around protection with a clear back and Ice blue dot view cover. If you’re not a fan of the Ice blue colour, HTC also produces dark blue and black versions.

Price: £32.99 from HTC

The best HTC One M9 cases: Krusell FrostCover


The Krusell FrostCover caught our eye simply because of its stunning design, rather than wowing us with extra functionality. That’s not to say that it’s not a decent case though, as this one piece snap-on cover comes with a transparent anti slip surface, helping with grip. It also has “feet” at the corners of the case for those heart stopping screen-face-down drops, which should absorb any impact and leave the screen untouched.

Rather than adding bulky buttons to the case to make it easier to press buttons, the FrostCover opts instead for traditional cut-outs that contributes to its simple yet eye-catching design.

Price: £14.99 from HTC

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The best HTC One M9 cases: Urban Armour Gear

Urban Armour Gear  

The Urban Armour Gear, designed specifically for the HTC One M9 is the best option from our selection with regards to protection, though it comes at a cost. This armour shell has a combination of an impact resistant soft core and feather light composite construction. The result? The Urban Armour Gear meets military drop test standards. It has a HD screen protector to guard against scratches, as well as oversized tactile buttons and a ruggedized grip to improve its overall robustness.

The down side? It adds a lot of bulk to your beautifully thin HTC One M9, more than any of the other cases listed here. With that being said, it may be a sacrifice that’s worth taking, especially for the more accident-prone people (you know who you are).   

Price: £23-24 from Urban Armour Gear

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