While we know a BlackBerry is primarily an excellent tool for work-related activities, it can be fun too. We've rounded up the five best fun BlackBerry downloads designed for your life outside the corporate walls, although in some cases they are also suitable for business use.

Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry

We're big fans of Yahoo's Flickr, the online digital photo-sharing and archiving service. And when you combine the functionality of Flickr with an internet-enabled, digital camera-equipped mobile phone the possibilities are infinite.

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You can take a photo at the beach, for instance, and share it with friends and acquaintances instantly by launching the Flickr app, which lives on your BlackBerry home screen in the form of a Flickr logo icon. Next you simply browse to the location of your photos, on your microSD media card or your device's internal memory, for instance, and click on the file you want to upload. Then just give the photo a name and choose your privacy settings; private, friends, family, etc, pick the size in which you want it to appear and hit Upload. Within seconds, your image will be available on your Flickr page. And you can then send along the URL to your public images page to your friends and other interested parties so they can periodically check for updates.

The Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry is available for free on RIM's website and all you need is a Flickr account, which is also free.

Picasa user? No worries, RIM is reportedly working on a Picasa for BlackBerry app, as well.

MLB desktop icon for BlackBerry

If you're a fan of American Baseball then you’ll love the Major League Baseball (MLB) desktop icon for BlackBerry, which places your favourite team's icon on your BlackBerry home screen for both easy access to related scores and information, as well as some unique home screen decor.

Whenever you click your squad's logo, you get a listing of the team's next game along with a schedule, news headlines, league standings, team and player alerts, roster lists, stats and more. You also get one-click access to the MLB mobile site.

And if your team happens to be playing, you can click your icon for real-time scores. So the next time a meeting and the game overlap, you'll have discrete and near-instant access to scores and game highlights. (If you get caught checking scores while the CEO's talking, remember, you didn't get hear about this app from us.)

The MLB Desktop Icon for BlackBerry is available for any of MLB's 30 teams, and it can be downloaded for free over the air directly to your BlackBerry (data charges may apply) or you can choose to install via PC.

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