There's a host of BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts that are well known by users across the globe and serve to make your smartphone that bit more efficient. However, we've also managed to uncover a few lesser-known shortcuts that can further improve your BlackBerry.

So whether you're new to the whole BlackBerry scene or you've been sporting a 'Berry on your belt since the beginnings of push email, we're sure you'll find the following list of eight BlackBerry shortcuts well worth a read. Note: most of these BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts work only with devices that feature full qwerty keyboards.

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Change BlackBerry text input language on the fly

All you multilingual BlackBerry users will appreciate this one. Switching text input languages on your BlackBerry at any point is a simple as simultaneously clicking two buttons. While on your home screen, just hit the Alt button and Enter key at the same time, use your trackball to scroll to the new language you'd like to use, then click the trackball to confirm the new selection. The first time you use this shortcut, you'll see a dialogue box that asks you to confirm the change, and you can choose not to show the message again the next time you switch languages using this method.

In order to switch back and forth between languages on your BlackBerry, you'll need multiple language packs installed on your device. For more on BlackBerry language packs, visit RIM's website.

Type device PIN and/or model and OS version with six quick clicks

Unless you've memorised your BlackBerry PIN - which, we might add, is not a bad idea - you need to visit your BlackBerry Help Me! or Status screen every time you want to share those PIN digits. There's a shortcut to access the Help Me! Screen, just click Alt, Shift and the letter H, but you need to close out of or save any messages you might be working on to employ that home screen shortcut.

However, there are also shortcuts (really they're built-in functions of BlackBerry AutoText) that allow you to find and enter your BlackBerry PIN, as well as your device model and handheld operating system (OS) version, without ever leaving a message.

To automatically enter in your BlackBerry PIN while in an SMS text or email message, simply type MYPIN and hit the Space key. To auto-enter your device model and handheld OS version, just type MYVER (as in 'My Version') and again click the Space button.

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