Well, that didn't last long. Exactly two weeks after CyanogenMod's installation app--which let users quickly and easily install the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM (read: operating system variant) on their Android phones--landed in the Google Play Store, it has now been yanked.

Here's what the CyanogenMod Team had to say about the 180:

"Today, we were contacted by the Google Play Support team to say that our CyanogenMod Installer application is in violation of Google Play's developer terms. They advised us to voluntarily remove the application, or they would be forced to remove it administratively. We have complied with their wishes while we wait for a more favorable resolution.

... After reaching out to the Play team, their feedback was that though application itself is harmless, since it 'encourages users to void their warranty', it would not be allowed to remain in the store."

Fear not, fearless tinkerers: You can still install CyanogenMod on your Android if the temptation strikes, but instead of snagging the installer from Google Play proper, you'll have to sideload the CyanogenMod installation app on your phone. It's still pretty easy, and configuring your phone to allow sideloading is as simple as changing a Settings option.

CyanogenMod's actually one of the more polished and user-friendly ROMs out there--in fact, the group recently raised $7 million in funding in a bid to build the mod into the third-most popular phone OS in the land, behind Android and iOS. It works (and works well) on a ton of handsets, but before you take the plunge, be sure to read up on how to revert your phone to its stock ROM in case you wind up with cold feet or compatibility issues down the line.