Air New Zealand takes off with new mobile app

"Usability is key, so invest in strong interaction design throughout the entire project," says CIO Julia Raue as Air New Zealand rebuilds its mobile platform.

Gartner on surviving and thriving in the digital world

By studying businesses that were "born digital" or have grown to become "digital only", traditional enterprises can learn and apply important leadership lessons to close any gaps, writes Linda Price of Gartner.

Inside ASB's Innovation Lab: Where digital money is tactile' and tangible'

Russell Jones, ASB executive general manager and James Bergin, chief architect, respectively, of technology and innovation, take CIO New Zealand on a tour of the bank's Innovation Lab.

HP study finds most mobile apps put your security and privacy at risk

This isn't about malicious apps designed to steal your data, according to the report. It's mostly a function of lazy coding. Developers write apps that access everything because it's easier than writing more specific code, and it also paves the way for any future enhancements that might actually need it.

Prepare for the next BYO device: Phablets

Large smartphones with 5-inch or larger displays - often called phablets - are eating into sales of smaller tablets with screens in the 7-inch range, says IDC.

Why are so many IT projects failing?

A recent study reports that 50 percent of companies had an IT project fail in the last 12 months. Business leaders who blame IT are missing the real project management issues.

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