Brazil, Russia, India and China, commonly labelled as BRIC, will take their places among the top seven smartphone markets in 2018, according to ABI Research.

China will displace the US as the largest smartphone market in 2013. Brazil and India are also forecasted to be in the top four countries for smartphone shipments by 2018.

For Russia, it will come in as the 11th largest smartphone market in 2013 and will climb to 7th in 2018, said ABI Research analysts.

"With room to grow, the emerging BRIC nations are displacing established markets such as the US and Japan as market leaders in terms of smartphone shipments," stated senior analyst, Michael Morgan from ABI Research.

ABI Research forecasted that the top five countries in 2018 would account for 51 percent of worldwide smartphone shipments while the BRIC countries would account for 33 percent of smartphone shipments.

By 2018, Western Europe and North Americas' share of smartphone shipments would be 33 percent down from 39 percent in 2013.

The research firm also said that the growth of the smartphone market over the next five years will depend on operators and handset OEMs delivering optimised and price appropriate solutions to the BRIC consumers.

In terms of total handset shipments, the BRIC countries are already in the top five, but have lagged in their global smartphone share.

ABI Research noted that over the past two years, Android paired with low cost hardware has opened the door to increasingly lower average selling price for smartphones.

"When you look at operating system share in emerging markets, you tend to find that Android has been busy fulfilling its mission to bring the Internet to consumers who can't afford a traditional PC or laptop," added ABI Research senior practice director Jeff Orr.