Can't decide which smartphone to go for? The Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Bold are two of the biggest names in the market, but which is best? We compared the two to see what they can and can't do.

The smartphone market is just about the biggest one out there at the moment. There's a whole host of handsets to choose from and RIM's BlackBerry is one of the longest-standing brands.

However Apple's iPhone has captured the public's imagination. Does the BlackBerry deserve to remain the business standard? Is the iPhone all flash and no substance? See how these two mobile 2.0 platforms compare in our head-to-head comparison.

Mobile main screens

At first glance, the iPhone (on the left in the pictures below) and BlackBerry Bold (right in the pictures below) have similar setups for their apps and other functionalities: an array of icons that open tools and folders.

These are visible as soon as you power on an iPhone; on the BlackBerry, the home screen shows just a few key apps and your mail accounts' status - pressing the BlacBerry icon next to navigation orb takes you to others. The BlackBerry setup is less cluttered while the iPhone has direct access to make items from the main screen. 

  1. Which handset should you choose?
  2. Working with emails and mail folders
  3. Calendars and contacts
  4. Adding and managing apps
  5. Editing documents
  6. Mobile-optimised content
  7. Managing bookmarks