The BBC is making a number of its TV programmes available to mobile phone users.

Live TV, which is in its second stage of testing but available to some handset owners, sees shows from BBC One, BBC Four, CBeebies and BBC News as well as some radio shows streamed live to phones via a Wi-Fi connection.

While the BBC said users didn't need to install extra software on their handsets, they must be in possession of a colour TV licence to be able to enjoy the TV shows legally.

Nokia N96 owners can stream live BBC TV on their handsets

The broadcaster also said it intended to extend the service to allow mobile phone users to access programmes over the 3G network as well as adding further channels "in due course". However, it said, sporting events and non-British shows were unlikely to be made available due to broadcasting rights.

"Live TV and Radio is available on a wide range of Wi-Fi enabled handsets. Over the coming months, we are hoping to make it available on even more handsets," said the BBC.

Handsets compatible with the service include Nokia N series phones and the T-Mobile G1. The service does not currently work on Apple's iPhone.

The BBC's TV catch up service, BBC iPlayer, is already available on a number of handsets including the Nokia N96.