Applicasa, which offers a server-side mobile application development service, is expanding its Web-based technology this week to include the Google Android platform.

The service enables native developers to build cloud-connected back ends for Android and Apple's iOS platform without having to write server code. Server-side mobile applications can use back-end data and leverage cloud-based features such as push notifications, geolocation, and shopping carts. A drag-and-drop interface is offered for database creation and queries, with server-side back ends developed in 10 minutes, Applicasa said.

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The service is geared toward client-side application developers, who would develop their user interfaces using other tools. "We take care of the back end, the server side," said Tsvi Kopetz, co-founder and COO at Applicasa. Featured in the service is a CMS (content management system) for managing application content, workflow, push notifications, and collaboration. The CMS provides developers and clients a management platform to administer updates.

With Applicasa, each application has its own separate SQL instance and hosting space. Once database objects and queries are set up, an SDK is generated by the Applicasa engine, based on each application's specifications, with database objects converted to the native development environment. The company had launched its service for iOS in February. Applicasa is not sure if it will extend its service to include the RIM BlackBerry mobile platform.

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