iPhone fever is here, but it seems many in the PC Advisor community are immune to the hype.

We ran five iPhone news stories yesterday (which probably makes us as guilty as anyone else in hyping Apple’s handset), and with ten days to go until it’s released in the US, you can expect more to follow.

Nonetheless, the iPhone has received a frosty reception in PC Advisor’s Speakers' Corner forum, following yesterday’s report claiming that 7 million Brits already want to get their hands on Apple’s handset.

Forum member ‘alan14’ described the iPhone as “a phone for sad fashionistas”, adding that “the world suddenly got even more depressing if there are 7 million people in this country who value style over substance.

“Why would anyone want a phone that ties you to a 2-year contract, does not support 3G connections and insists that you sign up to iTunes before you cant use it?” he asked.

‘Powerless’ pointed out that no UK announcements have been made about the levels of service and types of contract us Brits will have to contend with once the iPhone’s released over here, although ‘Si_L’ predicted that there will still be off-putting pre-requisites for iPhone users on this side of the Atlantic.

“There is too much hassle with it, being tied down to a contract, you can't use it till you sign up with your credit details on some Apple thing etc. I would like to just see it in a shop on PAYG, no strings attached.”

However, ‘Jim Thing’ used the results of our recent smartphone survey to conclude that the research claiming 7 million of us want the iPhone now is probably about right.

“More than 1 in 5 of those voting in the PCA poll have chosen 'appearance' as the feature they look for most in a mobile phone,” said ‘Jim Thing’, suggesting that many UK users place a high value on design and are desperate to have the latest, greatest and most-hyped handset in their pocket.

Nonetheless, 50 percent of those who responded to the poll placed ‘price’ as the most important factor when deciding which smartphone to buy – and Apple’s iPhone looks set to be among the most expensive on the market.

“I suspect that 7 million Brits would not be willing to fork out whatever it costs,” added ‘Totally-braindead’. This is in keeping with a previous study we reported on – see £200 Apple iPhone wins UK vote.

So what do you think? Are you getting impatient about the iPhone’s UK release? (Remember, it’s not due to hit the UK market until the end of the year.)

Read our iPhone review, and let us know your thoughts in the PC Advisor forum thread.