Apple on Tuesday released an iOS update (8.1.2) for the iPhone and iPad that includes unspecified bug fixes, aside from one that the company identified as possibly resulting in ringtones purchased from iTunes disappearing.

If you have had issues with tones going poof!, Apple recommends heading here after updating to 8.1.2.

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Go to Settings, General, Software update to download iOS 8.1.2, which is compatible with iPhone models 4S and newer. We've seen difference sizes for the update, ranging between 16 and about 23MB, on different devices for over-the-air transmission.

While Apple had problems with its initial iOS 8 fixes, the last couple have gone smoothly. Version 8.1.1 was released in mid-November and brought performance improvements with it.

As of Nov. 24, 60% of mobile Apple devices were running iOS 8, according to the company's developer support page.