Apple has reportedly paid £13 million ($21 million) for the Swiss clock design used in iOS 6.

Apple introduced the new clock design with iOS 6 for iPad in September, but it was met by complaints from the Swiss national rail operator SBB, who designed the clock in 1944 and has used it in train stations across Switzerland since then.

The design, which was once honoured by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, was liscensed to Apple on 13 October, but the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Now, AFP cites a Swiss publication that claims: "US tech giant Apple has dished out 20 million Swiss francs (£13 million) to compensate Swiss national rail operator SBB for using its famous clock without permission."

Mondaine, a company that has had a long-term exclusive licensing agreement to adapt the design of the Swiss Railway Clock watches and clocks for consumers, says it was "surprised" about the agreement, but that "Apple shows great taste by choosing this design for their clock on their devices, and now, the owners of Mondaine watches and clocks as well as iPad owners can even enjoy the same distinct design."

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