Apple appears to be keeping its promise to work 'non-stop' to improve iOS 6 Maps, quietly expanding the app's 3D Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation features to reach Australia and go beyond the edges of major cities.

Tauw reader Andrew Hardin has pointed out that Apple has been busy updating Flyover content in its Maps app. His hometown of Atlanta has seen a least a 200 per cent area increase, he says.

Some improvements were noticed in iOS 6 Maps at the beginning of October, as Apple quietly added the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge to Flyover.

For Australian iOS users, Apple delayed the launch of the turn-by-turn navigation until November, but finally rolled it out in Oz yesterday.

In September, former SVP of iOS Scott Forstall told a customer that Apple wanted to ensure that the data was up to scratch before it launched the navigation features in Australia.

Apple's decision to delay turn-by-turn in Australia indicates that the company may have learnt from its mistakes following the launch of the mapping service that it built from the ground up to replace Google Maps on iOS devices. Apple's Maps were immediately blasted by critics upon iOS 6's launch due to inaccuracies, missing data and poor visuals that were spotted in the app.

It didn't take long for Apple CEO Tim Cook to apologise for iOS 6 Maps and the frustration it has caused customers, and he later went on to make a management shakeup at the company in October that includes Forstall leaving the company. Sources claim that Forstall was fired for not taking responsibility for the Mapsgate and refusing to sign Apple's apology.

Since the Mapsgate came to light, Apple has reportedly enlisted the help of its 40,000 Apple Store staff to make sure Maps is up to scratch, by reporting problems that they spot in the service. (See also: How to report problems in iOS 6's Maps)

While expanding the 3D Flyover feature is all well and good, we hope that Apple is continuing to focus on the more vital aspects of its mapping service, like ensuring that road names are correct and getting better aerial shots that are not obscured by clouds.

Have you noticed any improvements to Apple's mapping service? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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