Apple has reduced the prices of many key products in the UK as part of its Apple Black Friday Sale. MacBooks, iPhones, iPad, and iPods are all on sale today.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and is traditionally a one-day shopping spree in the US that kickstarts the holiday buying season. The products are on sale for one-day only, and will return to their normal pricing at the end of the day (it is presumed to end at midnight, although Apple states exact start and end times may vary).

Some of the bargains to look out for include:

iPad 4 - From £368 (save £31)

iPad 2 - From £308 (save £21)

MacBook Air - From £768 (save £81)

MacBook Pro - From £912 (save £81)

MacBook Pro with Retina - From £1,368 (save £81)

iPod touch (new model) - From £228 (save £21)

iPod nano (new model) - From £118 (save £11)

There are also savings to be found on Apple accessories including the AirPort Base Stations and Time Capsule, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and iPad Smart Cases and the new EarPods (which are reduced from £25 to £18).

The deals compare favourably with last year's Black Friday sale in the UK, which saw Apple reduce the price of the iMac and MacBook Pro by £81, although Apple was offering £51 off of an iPad 2. Last year a number of non Apple products were also included in the sale, although this year Apple seems to be limiting the sale to Apple products

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Some customers may dissapointed that neither the iPad mini or iPhone 5 are included in the Black Friday Sale, although these devices have been in short supply so it probably makes more sense for Apple to reduce products that it has a clean supply chain for.

So if you're in the market for a new iPad or MacBook Pro, then today is the day to get one.