Apple has appealed a $84,000 Chinese court judgment that indicated it had profited from sales of a pirated encyclopedia in its App Store.

The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House sued Apple after it found its work pirated on the App Store.

Apple refused to accept responsibility for the infringement, claiming it was merely a store operator. However the court said Apple was guilty because it had profited from sales of the encyclopedia.

At the time the judgement was announced Apple said: "The App Store offers customers in China access to an incredible selection of over 700,000 apps created by Apple's developer community. As an IP holder ourselves, Apple understands the importance of protecting intellectual property and when we receive complaints, as we did in this case, we respond promptly and appropriately." writes The Next Web.

There are other cases in which Apple has been blamed for third-party infringements of patents. Recently patent holding firm NovelPoint Tracking claimed that Apple's iPhone 4S and other iOS devices infringe on its location-finding patent. That case noted that Apple "has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the infringement by third parties."

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