While today mobile phones look very similar, the future's going to have some weird and wonderful handsets. We spoke to experts and manufacturers to find out what handsets and technologies we can expect to be using in the future.

"All phones today do the basics well," says Shiv Bakhshi, director of mobile device technology and trends at market analysis firm IDC.

"But that won't be enough in the future."

We asked a number of designers and industry leaders from around the world how mobile phones will change in the next few years. They gave us their predictions, and some even provided peeks at concept phones that demonstrate new ideas rather than acting as prototypes of actual soon-to-be-released devices.

Sometimes outrageous, other times merely flights of fancy, they typically are developed by independent design firms working behind the scenes for phone vendors, although some are designed by the vendors themselves. All of the designers and other experts agree on one thing: future generations of phones will not look or act like current phones.

So here's what to keep an eye out for.

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  1. Concepts and new technologies for handsets of the future
  2. Nokia's shape shifter
  3. Phones that utilise fingers and hands
  4. Two-faced and fourfold phones
  5. Haptic technology
  6. Phones you can bend and pull

  7. How we will power mobile phones in the future
  8. Any network, any time

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